The Possibility of Local Hydroponics

shutterstock_171432830With the possibility of cleaner energy for Jessup in the very near future, other environmentally conscious groups have taken interest in the Lackawanna Energy Center to determine ways they can work together for the benefit of the community and the environment.

Veritas, a company sought and procured by Bill Rinaldi, specializing in hydroponics, has recently expressed interest in creating a modern greenhouse that would initially employee 40 people and would eventually grow to 130 employees with planned expansion. With 25-foot ceilings to create an interior climate to support vertical farming of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, the constructed greenhouse will provide the community with a wide variety of year-round fresh produce.

Essentially hydroponics is a method of growing plants (like tomatoes) without the use of soil. Tomatoes that are grown via hydroponic gardening are supplied with all the necessary nutrients they need for healthy growth. The roots are fed directly using a nutrient solution, which makes their root systems smaller and tomato plant growth more abundant. These plants are able to produce tomatoes that taste better and are more nutritious than those grown by other commercial methods.

With successful integration of the Veritas Greenhouse with Lackawanna Energy Center, the company intends to use re-purposed, waste-derived resources like heat, CO2, and rainwater to lower operating costs and produce sustainable, healthy food for local markets.

The possibilities for growth and conservation in Jessup are endless, and as the Lackawanna Energy Center becomes a reality, Jessup and the area at large will be able to enjoy the variety of environmental benefits and economic opportunities for many years to come.