Fabric Structure Used for Drill Cuttings at Brownfield Reclamation Site

Hazleton Creek Properties (HCP), is reclaiming a 277-acre brownfield mining site with the goal of turning it into a community performing arts center and intra-port facility.

Business Need

Part of the reclamation process is ensuring that any drill cuttings being utilized are stabilized before being placed on the site. The cover also had to fit within an available footprint and not restrict the movement of heavy equipment in and around the building.

A Custom Fabric Structure

After searching for options, HCP chose Legacy Building Solutions to design and install a custom 68 by 120 fabric structure with 20 feet of clearance at the sidewall.

The fabric structure is customized with open endwalls to allow tipping trucks and heavy equipment to easily pass in and out. The solid steel frame with hot dip galvanized finish is designed to withstand heavy use and severe conditions at the site.

“In comparison to alternative options and competitors ,Legacy buildings offered the best quality and price for the type of building with the features we required,” said Rinaldi. “Ultimately, Legacy was a perfect fit for what we needed in terms of cost efficacy for the building specs we required.”

ISO Container Foundation

Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the building is the ISO container foundation, made of shipping containers and used to provide extra storage space near the building. Like all Legacy buildings, the foundation was engineered to support the weight of the building and is designed to be permanent.

“Legacy was very helpful and made it easy to coordinate the building specifics and construction,” said Bill Rinaldi, Founder of Hazleton Creek Properties. HCP prepared the building’s foundation and footer, while the Legacy team handled all other aspects of building design and installation.

Environmentally Friendly

Currently, the long-term plan is to dismantle the Legacy building when the drill cuttings are stabilized. After the building is dismantled, the polyethylene fabric cover and the galvanized steel beams may be recycled, in accordance with HCP’s commitment to minimizing their environmental impact.