Supporting Country for a Cure

On January 30th, the 19th annual Country for a Cure fundraising event took place at the Freeland Event Center aimed at helping local families who have been impacted by cancer.

According to event founder Tami Martin who started Country for a Cure along side her husband, the late Freeland Mayor, Tim Martin, organizers were hoping to increase the number of families who were assisted by the previous year’s event which resulted in a total of five families.

A recent article in the Standard Speaker covering the event reports Tami stated, “The event was started when Tim lost his father to colorectal cancer. We wanted to do something to raise money to help with research to find a cure. Unfortunately, no cure was found and Tim himself lost his battle to esophageal cancer in 2010.”

Before Tim’s passing, Tammi vowed to continue on with the annual event until the day a cure for cancer is found. In support of the efforts of all those involved with Country for a Cure, Bill Rinaldi has donated $1000 this important cause which strives to put an end to a tragic disease which has affected millions of people and their families.

Thanks to everyone’s combined efforts, Country for a Cure raised enough money to help 7 or 8 families, improving last year’s results and inspiring many to fight for all those who are suffering.

To find out more information about Country for a Cure and what you can do to become a valuable part of their efforts, read the entire Stand Speaker article here.