Hazleton Creek Properties Donates to Hazleton’s “Drop the Drugs” Van Program

MOOSIC, PA – Hazleton Creek Properties (HCP) of Moosic, PA, is a proud sponsor of Hazleton’s “Drop the Drugs” Van, a mobile drug drop-off location to help keep unwanted prescription drugs out of the hands of our children.

According to Paul Brenner, any organization or group can schedule the the “Drop the Drugs” Van in advance by emailing details to the program coordinator. With a goal of having the project funded by donations from a variety of organizations and local businesses, Hazleton Creek has generously contributed $2500 to support this important cause.

“I am working to gain support to expand into Greater Hazleton a successful program currently underway in Susquehanna County,” said Mr. Brenner. “The ‘Drop the Drugs’ mobile van is an initiative started by Susquehanna County District Attorney Robert Klein, and staffed by the county sheriff’s office, to make it easier for residents to safely and securely dispose of old or unwanted prescription drugs.”

“Along with every other concerned citizen, Hazleton Creek Properties understands the breadth and severity of heroin addiction in our community,” said HCP’s Bill Rinaldi. “We are proud to be part of a solution that will help prevent further exposure of excess prescription drugs and allow our residents to securely dispose of these medications safely.”

For more information about the Drop the Drugs Van and to find out how you or your organization can help, visit dropthedrugshazleton.com.


The mission of Hazleton Creek Properties (HCP) is to improve the quality of life for residents of the Greater Hazleton community. HCP is currently engaged in a major mine reclamation project that, once completed, will improve the health and safety of Hazleton and enhance the community’s natural beauty. The firm has already completed an important phase of the transportation infrastructure component of the project through the design and construction of a loading and unloading facility with the capacity to handle up to 80 rail cars. First and foremost, HCP is committed to protecting the environment and residents of the Greater Hazleton community.